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Joint Replacement

Dr. Dube helps relieve pain from damaged joints with minimally invasive partial or complete joint replacement. We will help you determine if joint replacement surgery is necessary by carefully evaluating your specific situation.  Learn More

General Orthopedics

There are many facets of general orthopedics that we can assist with, our office specializes in reducing pain associated spine-related issues, torn ligaments, broken limbs, and arthritis. Learn More

Sports Medicine

There are many orthopedic injuries that result from sports related activities. We treat a range of sports injuries such as sprains, ACL/MCL tears, and other injuries that prevent you from pain free sports activities. Learn More

Nashville’s Leader in Orthopedics and Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Scott Dube is dedicated to new and innovative procedures in orthopedics and regenerative medicine. The use of Stem Cells in both the clinic and in surgery has led to unprecedented and accelerated results.

Specializing in general orthopedics, joint replacement, sports medicine, physical therapy and Stem Cells makes our practice the ideal venture for individuals suffering from various bone and joint distress.

Dr. Scott Dube and the rest of our staff at Nashville Bone and Joint welcome you to our practice and look forward to paving a path for you to superior bone and joint health.

Visit our Stem Cell site to learn more about our Regenerative Medicine Programs

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