Where is ROC located?

ROC is located in Ocala, Florida at 1500 SE Magnolia Extension in Suite 104. We are about halfway between Bittings Pharmacy on 17th and the Magnolia Family Urgent Care / Radiology Associates of Ocala building on Magnolia. We are in the same Medical Arts Building as Ocala Eye. We are slightly west of the stand-alone Dollar Tree ‘up on the hill’ on MagnoliaExtension. We are just north of the intersection of Maricamp Road/17th St and Lake Weir Ave/Magnolia. We are just East of the Publix at Churchill Square and the Ocala Ale House. If you saw Dr Siebuhr in an office before July 01, 2020, this is a new location for him.

What are ROC’s hours?

Our office is open with staff available to help you from 8 until 4:30, Monday through Friday. Our phones are open in the office from 8:30 until 4:30, on weekdays. If we are not answering our phones (after hours, holidays, other extenuating circumstances), we have an answering service whose staff will be happy to chat with you about the reason for your call and either page one of our providers or ensure that the message is delivered to the ROC staff so that we can address your issue the next business day.

What if I need diagnostic tests for my appointment?

If you need general X-Rays for your appointment, we will probably do them in our Radiology Department. However, MRIs, CT Scans, Ultrasounds, EMGs, and the like will be referred to another provider, depending on your preference and your health insurance requirements.

Do I have to bring a disc with my other radiographic images?

If you had images taken at one of the three local hospitals, any of the Radiology Associates of Ocala locations, or at any Clermont Imaging location we do not need you to bring a disc. If your images are from any other location or other physician practice, we will want to see those images.

What do I need for an appointment?

If we haven’t met through services at one of the local hospitals (meaning we performed surgery or did some consulting at the request of another physician while you were at ORMC, WMCH, or Advent Health), we’ll need recent records that are relevant to the issue that has driven you to call an orthopaedic surgeon. We also offer many non-surgical interventions and will work closely with you to see what is best for your life. Your physician can send a referral to us via fax to 833-520-5009. If your insurance allows it, you can certainly self-refer to ROC. However, we strongly encourage you to maintain a relationship with a general practitioner (Family Practice, Primary Care Physician, etc) because we are orthopaedic and surgery specialists – we are here to help with bone strength, repair and restoration after fractures and other damage, but we cannot manage high blood pressure, anxiety, or any other long-term conditions that you may have. We want to be part of the team of healthcare providers supporting your pursuit of your best life. When you come to your appointment, be prepared to pay your copay and any coinsurance or deductible you may have as well as let us make copies of your photo ID and insurance card.


What is the Health Portal? How can I use it?

When we schedule your first visit we will register you for the ROC Patient Portal. Your user ID will be your email address and you will be able to select your own password by selecting Forgot Password on the link from the email invite you’ll receive.

Will my insurance cover the services?

Each insurance plan is very different; therefore, we recommend that you contact your insurance plan to determine if the anticipated services are a benefit of your individual plan. We are only able to provide quotes for your visit or surgery. If the services are not covered, we can work with you to develop a payment plan.

What do I do if I have questions about my bill or billing information?

ROC manages its own billing procedures so you can always call our office at 352-456-0220 and choose option 2 for Billing. If you have information you need to fax, you can fax it to 833-520-5009, Attention Billing.

Will ROC accept my Letter of Protection (LOP)?

ROC does not accept Letters of Protection but your attorney can, with your written approval, contact us about making payment arrangements for services that can then be deducted from your settlement at a later date.

Is ROC a Medicaid provider?

Neither Dr Siebuhr nor Jonathan Kletter, PA-C are participating providers with Florida Medicaid (or any other state Medicaid programs). We will work with you for any hospital bills that were covered under Medicaid and can offer very patient friendly arrangements for your care in our office. No one is ready for a traumatic accident and we understand that. We do not want finances to prohibit you from obtaining the care you need. We can help find you providers who do accept Medicaid for care once your post-operative care is complete. We will not charge you for visits that fall within your global post-operative care.

What insurances does ROC take?

ROC accepts insurance including, but not limited to:


Florida Blue (including Blue Select)

Freedom Health


United Health Care

Workman’s Compensation