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Not all orthopedic knee replacement surgeries are alike, and not all knee replacement doctors are alike!

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Less Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery is far superior to traditional “open” surgeries:

  • Small incisions, that heal faster.
  • Better visualization and more accurate surgery.
  • Less muscle cutting, with less scarring.
  • Fewer potential complications.
  • Minimal blood loss.
  • Higher success rate.
  • Outpatient surgery possible.

Love Dr. Dube! Been a patient for a few years now. Wonderful staff and assistants …I’ve had a knee replacement and I wouldn’t want any other Doctor he is amazing. Love his office. Would recommend him to anyone.

– C.M.

What Is A Total Knee Replacement?

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Total Knee Replacement?

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“I have always been taken care of with the most professional staff. Many locations makes it convenient for me!!”
– Sandy Shirley
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Fantastic. Super friendly amazing service! -B.J.

Dr. Dube and staff are awesome! -T.C.

Meet Dr. Dube

Dr. Scott Dube is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in knee replacement, sports medicine, and general orthopedic conditions including fractures strains and sprains. His areas of expertise include operative and non-operative treatment of injuries and painful musculoskeletal conditions. His surgical expertise include less invasive arthroscopic treatment of shoulder, knee and ankle injuries as well as total knee replacement of the shoulder, knee, and hip. He is also passionate about using cutting edge, non-surgical options such as stem cell and platelet-rich plasma injections for relief of chronic pain.

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Dr. Dube’s specialization in knee replacement helps you take back your life faster, and with less pain.

Latest Technology

• Less Invasive

• Less Pain and Blood Loss

• Better Outcomes

As experienced orthopedic specialists, we help relieve pain from damaged knees with a less invasive knee replacement, but only after conservative options have been tried. We will help you determine if knee replacement surgery is necessary by carefully evaluating your specific situation, long term goals, and overall health and previous therapies.