We consider it our mission to always:

Offer our unique skill set to care for the seriously injured and wounded to help patients regain and restore their lives so they may reclaim and maintain purposeful and joyous lives.

Provide high quality services, both in the practice and with volunteer services, regardless of socioeconomic status, religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Maintain the highest standards of professional ethics, conduct, and moral behavior, professionally and in our personal lives.

Commit to the personal, professional, and financial growth of individual staff members by maintaining a culture of respect, fair renumeration, open communication, and continuing opportunities for growth, advancement, and education.

We believe that the health of our patients, our practice, and our community are all intertwined and that the pursuit of excellence and joy is a lofty but manageable goal.

Hence, our mantra was born:

Mending bones

Restoring lives

One patient at a time