Back Pain on Vacation

Back Pain on Vacation

You go on vacation to relax and participate in activities you don't normally get to enjoy when you're at home. Unfortunately, going on vacation does not make you immune to back pain that can take away from the fun and excitement of your trip.

This is particularly true if you like to participate in swimming, hiking, and other recreational activities while you're traveling. Here are some tips to help you relieve and prevent back pain on vacation.

Be Careful with Lifting

If you have to lift luggage or other heavy items while you're traveling, practice proper posture. Use a wide stance and use your legs to squat down. Also, place your weight into your heels and keep your butt back. If something is too heavy for you, don't be afraid to ask for help.

Use a Neck Pillow

You may be tempted to fall asleep in the car or plane while you're en route to your destination. This is perfectly fine as long as you use a neck pillow that will improve the alignment of your spine. If you don't have a neck pillow, a rolled up blanket, towel, or sweatshirt will do the trick.

Follow the 30-Minute Rule

As you travel, you may find that you're sitting or standing for long periods of time. The 30-minute rule states that you change your position every 30 minutes. Even a small change every 30 minutes can reduce the risk of back pain on vacation so it's important to follow this rule.

Prepare for Recreational Activities

If your body isn't used to swimming, hiking, and other recreational activities, your spine may not handle them well on vacation. Before your trip, make sure you get up and moving and perform exercises that stretch and strengthen your spine. We suggest yoga poses like downward facing dog, pigeon pose, and thread the needle pose.

Pack and Wear the Right Shoes

Be mindful about the shoes you pack and wear for your vacation. Avoid heels and opt for shoes that are comfortable and offer good support. The wrong shoes can place stress on your lower back and make activities like swimming and hiking dangerous for your back.

Vacation is a time for you to have fun and make wonderful memories with the ones you love. With these tips, you can ease or prevent back pain and throughly enjoy every moment of your trip.

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