Back Pain Treatment Alternatives

Back Pain Treatment Alternatives

Everyone experiences back pain at some point in time. If you're facing back pain and looking for relief, traditional treatments like medications, injections, physical therapy, and even surgery may come to mind. While these treatments can be helpful, there are a number of alternative options that can be just as safe and effective for improving back pain. Let's take a closer at several back pain treatment alternatives.

Massage Therapy

Time after time, research proves that massage therapy can benefit back pain sufferers in a variety of ways. If you opt for massage therapy to treat your back pain, you may find that it increases blood flow and circulation, reduces muscle tension, and boost endorphins, which is the "feel good" chemical that can ease pain. While there are many massage therapy techniques out there, Swedish massage, which consists of gliding strokes and kneading seems to be ideal for back pain.


Yoga can stretch and strengthen your back, making it a great option if you'd like some relief from your back pain. If you practice yoga on a regular basis, you'll be able to improve weak abdominal and pelvic muscles and increase the flexibility in your hips. This can lead to better posture and less back pain. Some of the best yoga poses for back pain include downward-facing dog, child's pose, pigeon pose, and triangle pose.

Tai Chi

Tai chi is a Chinese martial art routine that involves slow, continuous movements and deep breathing. Just like yoga, tai chi can strengthen the abdomen and pelvic muscles that support the lower back. It can also improve flexibility and balance and relieve stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that as long as it's practiced regularly, tai chi can help soothe and manage back pain.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

During Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT, you'll have short meetings with a trained therapist who will help you recognize the thoughts and feelings that arise when you have back pain. They'll teach you how to change them into healthy actions that can help you relieve your back. You'll find that CBT also educates you on how to lead a more active lifestyle so you can care for your body and prevent long-term back pain.

These back pain treatment alternatives are definitely worth a shot, especially if you're looking for a way to resolve your pain safely and naturally. If you try these back pain treatment alternatives with minimal to no success, it may be time for medical intervention.

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