How to Destroy Your Spine: Part 3

How to Destroy Your Spine: Part 3

So far you've learned how your lifting habits and posture can destroy your back. This article will focus on how not exercising may be hurting you more than you know. Here's how:

Not Exercising

We all know proper nutrition and exercise are important for maintaining general health. Did you know that weight-bearing exercises can help strengthen your bones? Bone is living tissue, so it responds to exercise by becoming stronger. This is especially important if you're over 30, as that's the time many of us begin to lose bone mass.

In addition, regular exercise can help improve coordination, balance, and muscle strength. This has the added benefit of reducing the chance of falls that can result in fractures and other injuries. Weight bearing exercises are especially important for women over 30 or anyone in danger of developing osteoporosis. By working to improve bone strength, the risk of osteoporosis can be reduced. Those already diagnosed with osteoporosis should discuss the best exercise options with their doctor.

Weight-bearing exercises are the best for bone health. These are exercises that require working against gravity. This includes jogging, weight training, tennis, dancing, tai chi, yoga, and others. Starting a fitness routine that involves activities like these can help you stop hurting your spine and start helping it.

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