Bunion Correction with Scarf and Akin Osteotomy

What is Bunion Correction with Scarf and Akin Osteotomy?

Bunion correction with scarf and akin osteotomy is a procedure used to correct a joint deformity at the base of the big toe. This deformity is called a bunion, and it creates a large bump on the inner portion of the foot. This procedure fixes the bunion through the removal of portions of bones and the correction of the bone alignment in the foot and toe.

Who needs Bunion Correction with Scarf and Akin Osteotomy?

Bunions can be very painful, and if very severe, they can limit your mobility. If your bunion fails to respond to conservative treatment, surgery may be a consideration. Only your doctor can determine the correct bunion surgery for your specific condition, as several options are available.

What are the Steps in Bunion Correction with Scarf and Akin Osteotomy?

Initial Incision is Made

After all initial prep is finished, the surgeon makes a small incision between the first and second toes. Then, the tight ligaments that hold the toe out of alignment are released.

The Joint Is Accessed

A longer incision on the side of the first toe is made. This is done to expose the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint, the joint where the first metatarsal and the proximal phalanx meet.

The Metatarsal is Realigned

The bump of bone that forms the bunion is removed by the surgeon using a saw. A series of incisions in the metatarsal is then made to divide the bone into two pieces. The two pieces are then angled to reposition the metatarsal closer to the second toe. Once the correct angle is restored, the two pieces are fixed in this position with surgical screws, and any bone offset by the adjustment is trimmed.

The Toe is Straightened

A wedge of bone is removed from the phalanx, and the first toe is readjusted. The bone is anchored with a surgical staple or other hardware.

End of Procedure

Incisions are closed, and bandages are applied to the foot. A special shoe that moves all weight bearing to the back of the foot is placed.

After Surgery

Recovery from bunion correction with scarf and akin osteotomy may be six to eight weeks after surgery. Your doctor may prescribe physical therapy or other conservative treatments to help rehabilitate during the healing period.

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