Read this article to learn what might be causing your knee pain:

Common Causes of Knee Pain

Knees aching? Do your knees hurt after walking up stairs or sitting for a while? Knee pain can be really troublesome, especially if it's making it harder for you to stay active. There are a lot of conditions that could be causing your knee pain. Treatment varies according to the cause and extent of the condition. This article will go over types of pain and some of the common causes of knee pain.


This article refers to acute and chronic pain. Acute pain is sudden, sharp, and related to tissue damage. Acute pain can subside instantly or last three to six months. If acute pain isn't relieved, it can lead to chronic pain. Chronic pain continues even after an injury has healed and lasts more than three to six months. The source of chronic pain can be something identifiable, like an ongoing injury, or something unidentifiable, like when no injury is present. Chronic pain is described as an aching, deep, burning or dull feeling that carries into the extremities.

Pain Causes

Injury is one of the most common causes of knee pain. If the knee is suddenly faced with a harsh impact or is forced to extend beyond its normal capacity, it can cause damage to tendons and tissue that can lead to mobility issues and pain. Degeneration is another common cause of knee pain. Degeneration occurs when tissue breaks down in the knee, most often due to the wear-and-tear associated with the passing of time. Finally, arthritis is also a very common cause of knee pain. Put simply, arthritis is joint inflammation. The causes of this inflammation vary, whether it's from wear-and-tear of bone, deformity, or infection, the most common symptom in joint pain.

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