The Next Generation of Knee Surgery Has Arrived

The team at ROC prides itself on our ability to offer the most advanced tech­niques in joint replacement technologies to our Ocala and Central Florida Community. The next generation of Knee Surgery has arrived at Reconstructive Orthopaedics of Central Florida and Dr. Karl Siebuhr is now performing knee replacements using the CORI Surgical System. In fact, we are the first practice to bring the CORI Robotic Knee Replacement technology to Central Florida. This technology is truly a gamechanger in the field of joint replacement surgery! The CORI system is far superior to the robotic knee replace­ments currently being offered, which are based on technology that is at least a decade old. With the aid of three-dimensional tracking arrays placed around your knee joint, the ligament and soft tissue tension can be precisely measured along with the exact size and fit of the implant. A precise implant position and correct size can be determined based on a patient’s individual anatomy and disease stage. This can be done without the aid of preop­erative MRls (which many patients cannot do because of pre-existing implants, pacemakers, pain pumps, or claustrophobia) and CT scans, which expose patients to unnecessary radiation. Instead, the knee is mapped intra-operatively with special sensors which render a precise intra-operative and three-dimensional topographic map of your knee. With the use of artificial intelligence and robotic assistance, combined with Dr. Siebuhr’s surgical technique, the knee is actually placed and trialed in virtual space before any bone resections are ever made! Once Dr. Siebuhr is satisfied with the fit of the knee, alignment, and soft tissue balance, a precision cutting mill is used to remove the exact amount of bone required, no more and no less than what is absolutely necessary.

Additionally, while the traditional knee replace­ments utilize old fashioned bone saws, which may cause thermal necrosis (high heat generation which can kill bone cells), and damage to sur­rounding soft tissues, this technology utilizes a continuously irrigated precision mill to remove the precise amount of bone (the same type of tech­nology utilized to machine precision aircraft parts). This results in far less tissue damage and thermal necrosis to the patient. The process results in precise bone cuts, as well as a more comfortable recovery and less invasive surgery. This leads to a quicker return to function, reduced pain medicine requirements, and much more reproducible and superior results for patients. The most exciting thing about this technology is seeing how pleased our patients are with their return to function, and ultimately to the activities that they love!

Additionally, the technology utilizes Oxinium (a special type of ceramic) on a highly crosslinked poly­ethylene joint interface. This has the wear surface properties of a ceramic surface and demonstrated an 81% reduction in wear when compared to conven­tional materials used in most knee replacement implants. This also reduces concern for metal sensi­tivity issues, which many patients are concerned about. It’s worth to note that laboratory wear per­formance has been tested out to 30 years (based on average number of steps a person takes per year).

Traditional knee surgery has relied on the skill and experience of the surgeon and is a very successful surgery that Dr. Siebuhr has delivered to Ocala residents for years. The CORI Surgical System is a powerful tool that lets Dr. Siebuhr target specific areas of your knee anatomy and deliver a custom fit using real time computer imaging. The CORI System is a robotics-as­sisted tool and serves as an extension of Dr. Siebuhr.

Unlike other robotic systems, there is no fixed arm or hands-off procedures; your surgery remains in the skilled hands and judgement of Dr. Siebuhr.

We believe that you deserve the best in knee replacement surgery. The combination of the most advanced robotics available, superior wear charac­teristics, and reduced risk of metal sensitivity issues is absolutely the best option for patients requiring knee replacement surgery to treat their degenerative knee condition. We invite you to visit our website for information on our practice as well as the CORI Knee Replace­ment option.